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Lüder Transport & Logistic is comprised of specialists in all phases of classification, entry preparation and traffic.
Lüder Transport & Logistic transmits Customs entry information electronically to german Customs via ATLAS. Customs responds with an immediate electronic message showing cargo release status. We are currently receiving a large number of "paperless" releases in a matter of minutes. ATLAS also allows us to access the german Customs' database in a number of areas including: importer bond information, harmonized tariff numbers and current quota status.
Lüder Transport & Logistic can provide importers with Customs Bonds, a requirement of german Customs on import shipments. We offer single transaction bonds to companies that do not import on a regular basis and continuous bonds, which renew annually to companies importing regularly.
We provide insurance coverage from origin to destination and we arrange individual coverage via air or ocean especially for you. Just tell us that you want to insurance coverage prior to departure from overseas and we will take it from there.
Lüder Transport & Logistic can make arrangements to handle your shipments from your shipper's warehouse to your warehouse by ocean or air. Provide us with the details of the shipment and we will provide international transportation quotations and coordinate all shipping arrangements.




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